High-Quality Corsets in Saginaw, Michigan

At Corset Shop Intimates, we pride ourselves on helping women all over the country look and feel their best! Our Saginaw, MI location and website offer a tremendous resource for basic foundations, unique lingerie and custom alterations as well as mastectomy products for breast cancer survivors.

"Every woman who shops at Corset Shop Intimates motivates us," says owner Linda. "Often, women come to us as their last hope. They have tried to solve their fit problems themselves and have failed. There is no greater joy for myself or my staff to see the transformation and smile of a woman who has been properly fit. We love helping women look and feel great. Every day is a new challenge with new solutions. We are never bored!"

Define Corsets

Today the term ‘corset’ is often used synonymously with the words ‘shape wear’ or ‘girdle.’ Many years ago, some garments shaped with boning, which was made from actual whale bone. Today garments shape with flexible steel stays. The lace-up corset, of course, is still available. It is worn for costumes, waist training and special occasion dressing. The modern woman wants control with comfort. At Corset Shop Intimates, we offer a wide variety of corsetry to meet the needs of the modern woman.

The Art Of Fitting

Our staff specializes in personalized fittings rather than just measuring to determine size. We understand that the manufacturing of garments may not be consistent from brand to brand, so our staff is composed of professionally trained, certified, and accredited fitters. We will assist in fitting your garments and offer suggestions to help solve your unique fitting issues.

Unable To Visit Our Store?

You are encouraged to call or email our staff with your individual fitting concerns. Our caring staff assures that your conversations will be confidential and comfortable.