The Corset Shop’s “Find Your Fit” Guide

How to Determine Your Bra Size

Measuring: The Real Scoop

Get ready! Before we begin, you will need these things: a fabric or vinyl tape measure, pencil, paper and a non-padded bra. Hopefully you have a non-padded bra that you love! You want to work with measurements of the real you. If you don’t have a non-padded bra, we will address the issue of pads in the sizing portion of this guide.

• Put on your bra and stand in front of a mirror.

• You want your bust to be on display just right: not too high, not too low. Between your elbow and shoulder is perfect. Make sure everything is sitting pretty by adjusting your straps until your fullest point sits just so.

Grab the measuring tape!
Time to find your band size. You are going to take two measurements: under bust and over bust. Here’s how:

Step 1

• Wrap the tape around the top of your chest, just above your bust and right under your arms. Stand up straight, throw your shoulders back, breathe out and take your measurement. If it’s an odd number, round it up to make it even. (So, for example, 37 inches becomes 38. 37 + 1 = 38.) Write down this number.

• Wrap and tuck the tape right underneath your breasts, following the band of your bra. Look in the mirror to make sure the tape is straight across and doesn’t ride up or down your back. Now, stand up—no slouching!—look forward, breathe out and take your measurement. Is the number odd? Add 5 inches. Even? Add 4 inches. (33 inches becomes 38. 33 + 5 = 38.) Write down this number.

• Amazingly, these two measurements should be about the same. If not, use both of them to figure out which band size fits you best.

Now, let’s discover your cup size. You will be taking one measurement.

Step 2

• Wrap your tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and across the nipples. Just as before, keep the tape straight across your back and don’t let it ride up or down. Take a look in the mirror to make sure the tape is as straight as it can be. Now, without compressing the breast tissue, take the measurement. Let’s say the measurement is 44”. Write this number down.

• If you are wearing a padded bra, you will need to take that into consideration at this point. Pull the tape just a wee bit snug to accommodate the padding in the bra. Most bras have less than a quarter inch padding over the nipple area.

Here comes the math!

Step 3

Subtract the number(s) you got in Step 1 (the band measurement(s)) from Step 2 (your cup measurement). Take that number and find the corresponding number on the chart below to determine your cup size. Example: Your band measurement was 38 and your cup measurement was 44. Your result is 6, which according to the chart below means your bra size is 38 F.

Major Hint: A=1”, B=2”, C=3”…easy, right? You don’t even need the chart!

Now, just as with any item of clothing, sizing can be flexible. The measurements you took are only a starting point. In order to get the best fitting bra for you, use your measurements as guidelines and size up or down to find the right bra. You may have to get a bigger band size in one brand, or go down a cup size in another. Just remember, what’s most important is how it fits and feels—not the number on the tag!

Confused? Don’t Be!

Wear Your Bras Like A Pro

Step 1: Cinch it! Lean forward so your breasts are all the way in the bra’s cups, then use the middle set of hooks to fasten the band. The band should be snug.

Step 2: Strap it! Slip the straps off your shoulders and adjust them to be the right length—not too long, not too short, not digging in your shoulders and not letting you droop. You might have to take your bra off to adjust straps, especially if you are adjusting straps for heavy breasts.

Step 3: Shake it! Bend from the waist, shake and shimmy just a bit so your bust is positioned properly in the bra’s cups. Make sure your nipples are centered in the cups, and you feel nicely supported without being constricted. Now stand up.

Step 4: Look in the mirror!

The ideal position for your breasts is halfway between the elbow and shoulder. The band must be snug! The true size of a bra band is the middle hook…but how many of us are a perfect even number? If the band is too tight, loosen to the last hook. If it is not snug enough, consider dropping down a band size and up a cup size. See “Sister Sizing” below.

There! You did it!
One more thing!
When looking for bras, you may need to take into consideration if the bra is sized in USA sizing, UK sizing or some other sizing system. Here is a helpful chart to assist with the conversion.

Corset Shop Intimates has always recommended having three great bras in your lingerie wardrobe.

One to Wear...a bra that makes you feel empowered, comfortable and sexy.
One to Wash...We recommend a lingerie bag be used in the washing machine if you are not hand washing and only line dry your bras!
One in the drawer...Even bras need to rest! Bras need to recover their size memory by resting a couple days in your drawer.

Wearing well-fitting lingerie helps you be the best you can be! Be empowered, be comfortable, be YOU!

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